Dad’s presence

Today’s is my father’s 65th birthday. Happy birthday daddy! I just wanted to share 4 things I admire most about my dad.

1. Daddy as a strong leader, looking back I have never seen a moment my father looked weak or incapable of doing anything. He was well respected in the home and the community.

2. Daddy as the most intelligent man I know, from English to Biology, Psychology, Theology you name it daddy knows it. My father had a mini library in his bedroom and he read all of those books. Not only that, he can remember what he read too. Wow! I would always try to pick his brains just because I’m amazed at all the things he knows.

3. My dad as provider, daddy always worked hard to provide for us. Even though we’re all grown he still makes sure he set aside some of his groceries for his children, we appreciate you. He made sure we always got what we needed growing up. He would tell stories of times when things were really hard and they didnt know where our next meal would come from but I have never seen that side. Bills taken care of, food taken care of, roof over our head, shoes on our feet, clothes on our back. He made sure our birthdays and Christmases were special, we always looked forward to receiving our gifts from.

4. Daddy as my spiritual leader and example. Daddy was very disciplined and consistent in his faith. Never once did I have to worry if daddy still believed in God. No matter what may have been going on, he never caused us to doubt his faith in God. Every new school year daddy anointed our heads with oil and prayed for us. Every single Sunday morning we’d have devotions , daddy was showing us that we needed to rely on God for everything. Now we will pass this on to our children. Thank you!

I appreciate you being there for us Daddy! We’re looking forward to many more birthdays!

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