His heart’s delight

Happy Easter guys! Isn’t this the most wonderful time of the year? The time we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ! We remember all that He did for us. We do not mourn , He has redeemed us and He is alive forevermore!

As we celebrate, it is known that many revere the sacrifice of Jesus Christ especially at this time of year. This is indeed a sacred time, it is deserving of reverence. However allow me to cause you to deliberate a bit. Is He only worthy to be Lord of our lives this one weekend of the year? Is this the only time we should acknowledge His sacrifice, His Lordship?

Just as Elijah asked the people of Israel so I will ask you, how long shall you waver between two opinions . If God be God won’t you serve Him? 1kings 18:21. Saying thank you Lord for your sacrifice this one time of the year unfortunately doesn’t suffice, it is not enough. Especially If it’s just weightless words offered in the moment (brushed over, not given any or much thought). And as time passes His stripes become faded into the background of our lives and we forget.

I beckon us to thoroughly search our hearts , see if the words we say have any merit. If Jesus be God then serve Him. Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments ,John 14:15. Do we really love him? No seriously do we? Are we thankful for the sacrifice He made? Is His sacrifice worthy of our obedience?

Take 1 minute to see what your answers to the questions above are….

As we celebrate, It my sincerest desire that we have not just given ourselves the title “follower of Christ” just to be a part of a social media trend. I don’t mean to be a bearer of bad news but choosing to be a Christian just for the trend does not make us children of God.

One thing is for sure, God doesn’t like neutral , he doesn’t like halfway service, He wants all or nothing , He wants you to choose whom you will serve . In fact He said I rather you be hot or cold, Revelations 3:15. He hates Lukewarm( being on the fence, indecisiveness) He spues that out of His mouth.

It would be sooooo great if you….. (No not post a pic of Jesus on the cross… ) shut the world out, do it at any cost. Make a decision right now, whether you will accept His sacrifice.

He did it just for you

Jesus’ sacrifice is worthy of acceptance! Won’t you completely surrender your life to Jesus? He is waiting for you to give your heart wholly over to Him, that’s His Hearts delight!

Come home Son
Come home daughter
I’m waiting just for you!
That’s His heart’s delight!

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