It’s not too late!!!

I just feel the deep urgency to tell you that God is with you. You might be at the end of your rope ready to give up on everything. But God is right there, please do not give up just yet. You will win if you just keep holding on to Christ. God is close to the brokenhearted and saves those are crushed in the spirit. Don’t be so quick to blame God for your pain, be humble, seek him, cry out to Him and He will see you through.

I know so many are struggling, like really really struggling right now and you don’t know what else to do or which way to turn. My friends please turn to God. King Jesus alone can help you! I promise if you faint not and keep trusting in Him He will see you through. Fight through, the enemy will cheer you on to quit the race but don’t let the enemy win. Its hard but keep pushing, keep pushing, keep pushing. Don’t quit now, don’t give up just yet. Your victory is right around the corner.

You may think you’re the only one struggling but you are not alone. You be the survivor, be the one to say God brought me through, you be the one to tell the that others that it’s possible to make it even when you’re at your lowest. You tell them that there is hope. You keep fighting, do it for the others just like you.

You can make it through!!!!!

You can do it!!!!

Please give it one more try!!!!!

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